As a premium American textile company, Zavi has positioned itself through the years as a leader in contemporary textiles for the hospitality industry. Servicing a range of public spaces from resorts and hotels to casino, restaurants, lounges and more, our talented team believes in creating a home away from home. Our high-performance textiles, many of which are exclusive to Zavi, come in an extensive collection of designs, textures, colors, weights and more.

From drapery and sheers to upholstery, wallcoverings, vinyl and eco-vinyl, environmentally conscious textiles, we offer clients the ability to customize fabrics, colors and patterns to distinctively complete their design installation.

Design and the passion to bring ample beauty to any hospitality space is at the core of our company. Our textiles are crafted at the world’s finest textile mills, designed by leading artists who have talent for creating sleek, inimitable, exquisite designs.

At Zavi, we believe in taking a curated approach to client service, working with each designer in all phases to ensure the chosen product complements their installation’s atmosphere, timeline, budget, traffic and demand for exceptional quality.

Founded by the principals of BSF, the Zavi team has the experience and expertise to bring your creative vision to fruition. With our diverse custom manufacturing capabilities, we cater to needs of our clients, bringing quality, style and comfort to each project or property.

We encourage you to explore our website to see a sampling of our diverse collections that marry versatility with distinctive style. From high-performance drapery and exquisite sheers to versatile and durable wallcoverings, all of our textiles are designed with function and beauty in mind. Our environmentally friendly fabrics such as our eco-vinyl are beautifully crafted to imitate the look and feel of leather.

Through a combination of patterns, fabrics, weaves and colors, Zavi Textiles looks forward to helping you design an inviting hospitality space that can welcome and withstand. Our growing collection of textiles will help you create the enchanting atmosphere your installation demands and your guests pursue.

When only the best in hospitality textiles will do, add contemporary luxury, function and style to your upcoming design installation with an exclusive fabric selection from one of our Zavi collections.

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