Di-jeh-tul Print-ng: Noun ‘Is the practice of taking digital information and communicating with a device that prints that information onto a surface or medium’ At Zavi Textiles we have expanded our offering to include commercial grade digitally printed textiles Zavi Digital Textiles exceed ACT standards for heavy-duty upholstery, 50,000- 100,000 DR after print and CA 117 These textiles can be treated with the latest finishes available. We show 8 grounds as standard offerings, but have access to more than 300 different ground materials upon request. Zavi Digital Textiles are one of the most competitive upholstery solutions available in our industry. Our in house graphic staff can take your inspiration, create your artwork, and make it come to life.  

The beauty of using this medium, DIGITAL PRINTING on textiles, is that there is no limit to the design or scale or artwork that you can use. These textiles can be unique and one of a kind to the hotel, restaurant, cruise ship, country club, piece of furniture or headboard wherever they are used. No more copy cat fabrics, but you can have an original design. Whether it’s a model room headboard, or 500 guest room chairs.

Zavi Digital can create and quote your project.

Contact your rep to review the ground materials and start designing your original upholstery. Also, available are digital drapery, sheers, films and wallcoverings.


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